Thursday, June 4, 2009


On Sunday Adrien was climbing on a storage box in my closet.

Mommy: Adrien, bu yao pa, xiao xin tie tao (mandarin).
Adrien: I am just making sure that the clothes is organized.

I did not expect him to say that. Children from birth to 5 learn and absorb knowledge like a sponge. We have to be careful what we say in front of them. Adrien would copy every word I say. He speaks mostly in English. I tried to translate what he say to mandarin the best I could but sometimes I am not that good as you all know my mandarin is half pail full.

On Tuesday night after "nen-nen."

Mommy: Still a bit of "nen-nen" left, finish it.

Adrien: It is too sweet! (This is the first time he said the "nen-nen" is too sweet. I know that it is just an excuse to not finish the "nen-nen".)

Mommy: Ok, I will let daddy know make sure the "nen-nen" is not too sweet tomorrow.

The we went to the toilet and Adrien pee pee.

Mommy: Adrien, do you want to poo poo?

Adrien: No because the "nen-nen" too sweet.

Mommy: Laugh and said "nen-nen" too sweet not related to poo poo.

Adrien: Adrien is being funny. poo poo in stomach.

The he laugh and repeat because "nen-nen" too sweet and said Adrien being funny.

Last night (Wednesday) while I was making a calender for Adrien to learn about day and month (idea from coolschoolathome blog, my friend Hui Fun's blog).

Adrien: Oklahoma...(Adrien picked up a purple stock card).

Mommy: No it is not Oklahoma, it is a purple stock card....maybe you are correct, it may be shaped like Oklahoma (then I picked up the card and looked at the shape. I took the US map out and checked. It was indeed the shape of Oklahoma). Yes Adrien, you are correct. It is the shape of Oklahoma )and I showed him the US map.)

He took the map from me and put the shape on top of Oklahoma state.

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