Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Adrien Primary Class - Game Day

I brought two cookies cake to Adrien's class on June 26th to celebrate his 3rd Birthday with his friends. The kids love the cookies cake and some of them asked for second serving. It was Friday and game day. Each child brought a game from home that day.The most popular games were the hippo games that catches ball game and the fishing game.

Adrien 3rd Birthday

Blowing the candles! All the boys!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Bonding & Love

These pictures were taken in "ah cho's" garden.

"Ah cho" and Adrien bonding"Ah ma" and Adrien Adrien holding the flower


This picture was taken in "ah cho's" (great grandma) house in Penang Malaysia during our vacation home in March 2009.

Thursday, June 18, 2009


While I was reading with Adrien in the evening I mention I got back pain.

Mommy: Mommy back is painful.
Adrien: Don't worry, I will massage for you.

Happy Birthday Daddy!

Adrien sang daddy a birthday song and we had a little celebration at home. Adrien loves the cake, not so much of the actual cake itself but the chocolate for the cake decor.
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you...
Happy Birthday to daddy.....
Happy Birthday to you.....

Monday, June 15, 2009

Happy Anniversary!

Today is our 7th year wedding annivesary and we went for a nice dinner at Le Mistral, a highly rated French restaurant. We had initially thought about asking our friends (uncle Colin and auntie Feh Teng) to come over to our place to baby sit Adrien while we went for a romantic dinner for two, after all it's been a while since we have been out on a dinner for two.
The last time we went out on our own without the little one was for lunch during mommy's birthday where we had wonderful seafood and crabs that were to die for.....yummy making my mouth water. That lunch place actually has eat all you can crabs for dinner on Monday. We will try to find a way one day to sneak away without him to chow down on the never ending crab buffet. However at the last minute we decided to bring him along to let him share in our celebration.
Luckily he was a good boy and very well behaved since it was a nice restaurant it could have been embarrasing if he were to shout at the top of his lungs and misbehave, kinda of like Dennis the Menace cartoons. We decided to have an early dinner so daddy made reservations for 5.30pm. Luckily he did as the restaurant was full by dinner time.
For appetizer we had.....

Burgandy snails baked in butter, garlic and parsley

Foie Gras Terrine marinated in sauternes, butter brioche, beet salad (in plain english this is duck liver, even mommy who hates liver loved this dish)

Right after the appetizers our waiter gave us a tour of the kitchen where we saw some of our food being prepared. We were surprised over how clean the kitchen looks.

For main course we each had

Caramelized duck breast, spicy orange sause, apple foie gras cake, asparagus

Special of the day, 6 ounce fillet mignon (delicious...)

and last but not least the dessert

Souffle au chocolat

The dessert actually turned out to be our favourite dessert that we had for dinner every night during our recent 5 day cruise. Now we know the name of the dessert that we sooooooooooo loved during the cruise.

Our Bed

Adrien loves to sleep and cuddle with us in our bed and almost every time in the wee hours of the morning he will call "mommy mommy!!!!!!!" and I will drag myself, usually half asleep to his room and carry him over to our bed. He loves to put his leg over my tummy while sleeping with us. If mommy is already up then he would turn over and sleep very close to daddy. He just loves cuddles :)

The other morning (well very early in the morning) I asked him why he likes to put his legs over my tummy.

Mommy: Adrien, why are you putting your legs on mommy?

Adrien: I am just trying to hug mommy.

On Saturday morning, Adrien woke up in our bed and he used his finger to pull down my lower lips.

Mommy: What are you doing Adrien?

Adrien: I want lots of smiles.

Then we started to smile and laugh and sing. Daddy as usual is still sound asleep and in dreamland zzzZZZZZ.

He is just adorable at this age, the things he does just touch our hearts and makes us feel like our life with him is just so wonderful. I guess that's why they call it the magic 3s and 4s. However since he is not completely out of the terrible 2s yet there are days when he gets difficult too :)

Thursday, June 4, 2009


On Sunday Adrien was climbing on a storage box in my closet.

Mommy: Adrien, bu yao pa, xiao xin tie tao (mandarin).
Adrien: I am just making sure that the clothes is organized.

I did not expect him to say that. Children from birth to 5 learn and absorb knowledge like a sponge. We have to be careful what we say in front of them. Adrien would copy every word I say. He speaks mostly in English. I tried to translate what he say to mandarin the best I could but sometimes I am not that good as you all know my mandarin is half pail full.

On Tuesday night after "nen-nen."

Mommy: Still a bit of "nen-nen" left, finish it.

Adrien: It is too sweet! (This is the first time he said the "nen-nen" is too sweet. I know that it is just an excuse to not finish the "nen-nen".)

Mommy: Ok, I will let daddy know make sure the "nen-nen" is not too sweet tomorrow.

The we went to the toilet and Adrien pee pee.

Mommy: Adrien, do you want to poo poo?

Adrien: No because the "nen-nen" too sweet.

Mommy: Laugh and said "nen-nen" too sweet not related to poo poo.

Adrien: Adrien is being funny. Because........no poo poo in stomach.

The he laugh and repeat because "nen-nen" too sweet and said Adrien being funny.

Last night (Wednesday) while I was making a calender for Adrien to learn about day and month (idea from coolschoolathome blog, my friend Hui Fun's blog).

Adrien: Oklahoma...(Adrien picked up a purple stock card).

Mommy: No it is not Oklahoma, it is a purple stock card....maybe you are correct, it may be shaped like Oklahoma (then I picked up the card and looked at the shape. I took the US map out and checked. It was indeed the shape of Oklahoma). Yes Adrien, you are correct. It is the shape of Oklahoma )and I showed him the US map.)

He took the map from me and put the shape on top of Oklahoma state.