Monday, June 15, 2009

Our Bed

Adrien loves to sleep and cuddle with us in our bed and almost every time in the wee hours of the morning he will call "mommy mommy!!!!!!!" and I will drag myself, usually half asleep to his room and carry him over to our bed. He loves to put his leg over my tummy while sleeping with us. If mommy is already up then he would turn over and sleep very close to daddy. He just loves cuddles :)

The other morning (well very early in the morning) I asked him why he likes to put his legs over my tummy.

Mommy: Adrien, why are you putting your legs on mommy?

Adrien: I am just trying to hug mommy.

On Saturday morning, Adrien woke up in our bed and he used his finger to pull down my lower lips.

Mommy: What are you doing Adrien?

Adrien: I want lots of smiles.

Then we started to smile and laugh and sing. Daddy as usual is still sound asleep and in dreamland zzzZZZZZ.

He is just adorable at this age, the things he does just touch our hearts and makes us feel like our life with him is just so wonderful. I guess that's why they call it the magic 3s and 4s. However since he is not completely out of the terrible 2s yet there are days when he gets difficult too :)

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