Monday, September 28, 2009


Great timing shot!

Benjamin the Bumble Bee!

Costumes Fun!

Home Studio Shot

Last Saturday, our dear friend Colin set up a home studio at our house to take photos for our family and the kids (Janine, Adrien and Benjamin). After the session, I realized that it is not easy to be a studio photographer as well as model. Keeping the kids quiet are pretty challenging. It was really difficult to pose for single portrait as I have no talent in posing. Ching Xin and I were having fun trying to pose for the portrait. Here are a couple of photos. More will come after some editing. Thanks Colin!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Ice-cream Treat

Adrien has been eating one of this after dinner since Sunday. Skip one today though. I am trying to increase his calories intake as he is a skinny little boy.

Adrien's Wild Style

After school one evening, Adrien took this hat and these unique shoes and wear for the entire evening while playing.

Community Park on 9-20-09

Mommy's Boy

When I was accompanying Adrien to sleep earlier.

Mommy: Adrien, mommy got to go out to update blog. Mommy asked daddy to come in and "pei" you sleep, okay?

Adrien: But I want mommy woh!

Mommy: Daddy cans also "pei" mah!

Adrien: I want someone who looks like this (Adrien pointing at me).

I came out to upload a few photos while daddy went in. Daddy came out after 10 minutes. While daddy "pei" Adrien, Adrien keep repeating, "I don't want mommy to write blog." Then he came out. I just took him into the bedroom again and asked him to count from 1 to 100 and then I will go in. He negotiates by saying that he will count to 10 and I will go in to "pei" him. Till now I have not heard him calling yet so I will continue to post some other photos from the playground.

Party at the Park

These pictures were taken in Austin Park last Saturday. We were there to celebrate Caylan 5th birthday. Adrien really enjoyed the party and asked me to take him to Caylan's party at the park again.


This is the acorn from our front yard oak tree. This is one of Adrien favorite's things during this fall.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Swim Lesson

Adrien started swimming lesson last Monday (7-20-09). All beginners are required to attend everyday lesson for two weeks. It is an indoor pool. The class ratio is 4:1. Parents are not allow to the pool area. We watch from the glass surrounded the pool. The kids are not able to see their parents from the pool.

First Week
Monday - Adrien started to cry when it was time to enter the pool. On the first day, I am allowed to take him to his instructor (Mr. Corey). Adrien started to kick with barbells and row his arm. Adrien did not want to blow bubble. His favorite activity was the floating mat.

Tuesday - I picked him up from school and basically he cried in the car all the way to the swim club. All the children are supposed to walk to their instructor by themselves. Because Adrien was crying, I need to pass him to the swim club personal to take him in.

Wednesday - I told him that we are only going to watch, so he did not cry in the car. He started to cry when we got there. He did not go to the pool by himself. Dived into the water and picked up ring.

Thursday - The rain was pouring when I picked him up from school. I was talking to him in the car to get his mind off swimming. He keep asking me to go home when we got there. Dive into the water and pick up ring.

Friday - Missed a lesson.

Adrien shiver all the times throughout his lesson. I was asked him to keep his body under water while waiting for his turn but he was still not comfortable doing that yet.

Second Week

Monday - I was very proud of Adrien with his progress. He walked into the pool by himself for the first time even though he was very scared. He was able to put his head and blow bubbles and turn to sleep position and float without the instructor help.

I am very excited to see Adrien swim today.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Activities at Destin Beach

Building sand castle

Bonding Catch up Stroll by the beach in the evening

Destin Sandy White Beach

We spent our July 4th long weekend in Destin beach with uncle Colin, Feh Teng ah yi and Feh Yee ah yi. It was a fun and relaxing trip. This is one of the nicest beach I have landed my feet on, comparable with Cozumel in Mexico and Negril beach in Jamica. We will definately visit Destin again. Adrien was having lots of fun playing with soft white sand.

Fireworks from the beach was spectacular even though we watch from far. The moon in the sky gives a great back drop for the photos. Unfortunately my camera was all fogged up due to the cold temperature in the hotel room and the humidity at the beach. No photos for me that night. Luckily uncle Colin camera was working on July 4th night and I am sure he has lots of great shot that he will post in his blog.

Here are some of the sceneries from Destin beach.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Adrien Primary Class - Game Day

I brought two cookies cake to Adrien's class on June 26th to celebrate his 3rd Birthday with his friends. The kids love the cookies cake and some of them asked for second serving. It was Friday and game day. Each child brought a game from home that day.The most popular games were the hippo games that catches ball game and the fishing game.

Adrien 3rd Birthday

Blowing the candles! All the boys!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Bonding & Love

These pictures were taken in "ah cho's" garden.

"Ah cho" and Adrien bonding"Ah ma" and Adrien Adrien holding the flower