Sunday, May 31, 2009

Adrien's Art

I can't believe it is already 18 months since Adrien attended montessorri school. He cried for almost 1 month when we first started him there. He is now a leader in his toddler class and will soon be transitioning to primary class in June. He alway said "I am a big boy now and I can go to primary class." When I first bought the primary polo shirt for him, he has been wearing the shirt for the entire weekend. Luckily I bought 4, if not I won't have clean one for him to wear for the weekend. Here are some of Adrien's artwork from school.

Beef Flank with Carrot

My collegue Chiao Yun thought me this dish. You can use beef shank as well. I steamed it with "da tung dian guo". You can braised it as well. Ingredient includes soy sauce, "lu bao", onion and carrot (optional: chilli if you like it spicy). Salts to taste. The time to cook this could take up to 6 hours or more as the beef flank or shank is really tendon. Compliment well with noddles.

La Strada Restaurant

La Strada was rated "excellent" in zagat and was known for it hearty, flavorful menu of creative Italian dishes and luscious homemade dessert. The ambience was really great. We spent our Saturday lunch there with Uncle Colin and Feh Teng ah yi. Daddy had Fettucini Afredo and mommy had Seafood Omelet. Adrien had both.....

Open window


We went cycling at Terry Hershey Park on Saturday morning. Just after 10 minutes I was tired. This shows how unfit I am. I have not been doing much exercise for a while now. With the weather getting warmer now we are trying to be healthier. We cycled for about 4 miles and on the way home we stopped at a play area. Adrien had lots of fun and he wanted to go again next week.

Fun at the bar

Fun tires

Friday, May 29, 2009

Peach Orchard

Adrien loves the peaches....Small but plenty of SWEET peaches...Adrien loves the wagon

It is peach season in Houston. We drove up to E&B Orchard in Hempstead with our friends last Saturday. This was our 2nd time there and daddy first. Adrien was really enjoying himself and had lots of fun pushing the wagon and playing with uncle Colin and Feh Teng ah yi. After picking the peach, we enjoyed the fresh peach ice-cream in the orchard followed by “yum cha” in Ocean Palace. It was a nice Saturday.

First Post!

I finally created an account. I was still trying to figure out how to import some of my previous blog from multiply to blogger. No luck yet.

For the last 3 weeks we have been pretty busy working on our house. We had a store room installed above our garage now. Then we had all the bathroom and laundry room installed with tiles and finally replaced the carpet with laminated wood floor. All the above are done by the contractor. It is finally complete now and I am happy with the result. We also got a new sectional sofa for our TV room. After having the new sectional sofa delivered, the living room is still missing something. On memorial day I finally took out my canvas and paint something for my TV room.