Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Swim Lesson

Adrien started swimming lesson last Monday (7-20-09). All beginners are required to attend everyday lesson for two weeks. It is an indoor pool. The class ratio is 4:1. Parents are not allow to the pool area. We watch from the glass surrounded the pool. The kids are not able to see their parents from the pool.

First Week
Monday - Adrien started to cry when it was time to enter the pool. On the first day, I am allowed to take him to his instructor (Mr. Corey). Adrien started to kick with barbells and row his arm. Adrien did not want to blow bubble. His favorite activity was the floating mat.

Tuesday - I picked him up from school and basically he cried in the car all the way to the swim club. All the children are supposed to walk to their instructor by themselves. Because Adrien was crying, I need to pass him to the swim club personal to take him in.

Wednesday - I told him that we are only going to watch, so he did not cry in the car. He started to cry when we got there. He did not go to the pool by himself. Dived into the water and picked up ring.

Thursday - The rain was pouring when I picked him up from school. I was talking to him in the car to get his mind off swimming. He keep asking me to go home when we got there. Dive into the water and pick up ring.

Friday - Missed a lesson.

Adrien shiver all the times throughout his lesson. I was asked him to keep his body under water while waiting for his turn but he was still not comfortable doing that yet.

Second Week

Monday - I was very proud of Adrien with his progress. He walked into the pool by himself for the first time even though he was very scared. He was able to put his head and blow bubbles and turn to sleep position and float without the instructor help.

I am very excited to see Adrien swim today.

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